What we need is a rebirth of satire, of dissent, of irreverence, of an uncompromising insistence that phoniness is phony and platitudes are platitudinous.


Satire, along with it’s first cousin irony, is a peculiarly British talent, and has a long history as an integral part of our cultural heritage. It is the art of quick witted repartee, badinage on speed. A dish that must be served piping hot, like a souffle it collapses when put on the table by a reluctant website moderator several hours later.

The reluctance of many web sites to host ironical or satirical comment on current news items is leading to a dearth of intelligent debate. This plays into the hands of the thought police who stalk our shores.

This web site is moderated, moderated to remove libel, naturally; but also moderated to remove brain dead comments like ‘First’, or foul mouthed rants that contain no humour or relationship to the current news. I don’t remove comments on the grounds of disagreeing with the commentators opinion. I like opposing views, they are a positive thing – it’s called debate!


3 responses to “Politics

  1. molesworth 1

    May I be the first to welcome your ironic ‘mass-debate’ on irony.

  2. coco

    Hi Molesworth 1 …….

    Unfortunately we had a technical problem when you posted ……

    Please believe that 2000 posters all tried to post the same thing at the same time …… and we crashed ….. 😀

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